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Dooky Junior Ear Protection Pink (3y +)

• Hearing protector safeguards children's hearing from harmful sounds. • 28 dB insulation for optimal sound protection. • Specifically designed for children aged 5 to 16 years. • Ideal for noisy environments such as festivals, parties, concerts, etc. • Damping provides better concentration in the classroom. • Soft adjustable headband for maximum comfort. • Stylish design, available in various colors and easy to clean. Including a free storage bag. • Length: 23 cm • Width: 17 cm • Depth: 5.5 cm
SKU: 3001124
EAN: 5038278014226

A world of adventures, free from harmful noises. That is what the Dooky earmuffs Junior stand for. This hearing protector is not just an accessory, but a unique experience for kids who love fun without making any concessions. Dooky earmuffs act as the cool guardian of children's ears. In a world full of vibrant festivals, lively parties and enchanting concerts, this ear protector provides a safe shield for your child's hearing. It is like a protective soundtrack for all their unforgettable adventures. But Dooky’s versatility extends beyond just parties and festivals. It also proves to be a handy asset at school. The earmuffs cushioning promotes concentration in class. Imagine your child effortlessly moving through lessons without being disturbed by noise. With its soft, adjustable headband, Dooky earmuffs offer maximum comfort. And that's not all. It comes in various colours and is easy to clean. So it brings protection and style together without any hassle. Measuring 23 cm long, 17 cm wide and 5.5 cm deep, they are specially designed for children aged 5 to 16. Thanks to the included storage bag, it is easy to take your child's favourite protection anywhere. Protect ears with style and flair with the Earmuff Junior!