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HappyHands Holding hands forever 3D casting kit

Create a unique memory with your baby. The frame offers space for a picture and print of the baby hand lying in the adult hand. Super cute! A treasured keepsake for yourself or a special someone else. Ideal as a gift for Father’s or Mother’s Day, special holidays, Christmas or baby shower. Easy to make, just follow the manual.
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Making a baby handprint with Happy Hands Holding Hands kit

With a 3D handprint of your baby, you create a unique, precious memory of the baby's time for later! The Happy Hands Holding Hands Kit is not only a nice maternity gift, the 3D sculpture is also an original gift for Mother's Day, Father's Day, a birthday or the holidays!

Making a baby handprint
Making an impression of your baby's hand in a tablet of plaster or clay is a fun activity. It is even more fun when it becomes a 3D print so that you get a sculpture that you can put up as a freestanding object. Working with plaster is not so easy. It takes time for the plaster to dry and that is difficult when a child's hand is moving all the time. There is also the risk of a mess. With the Happy Hands Holding Hands kit you can make a nice, clean impression of your hand and your baby's hand in no time.

What does the Happy Hands kit consist of?
Making a handprint or a footprint in 3D is very easy with the Happy Hands Holding Hands kit. It is a DIY kit that consists of a bucket and 2 kinds of material. The first packet contains Alginate powder that you have to put in the empty bucket. Then you add the right amount of water and mix it into a lump-free substance. Then put your hand and your baby's hand into the bucket. It is a good idea to do this when your baby is sleeping because then the hand does not move much. After a few minutes of holding still and waiting, the material has changed into a rubbery substance and you can remove the hands. The second packet contains plaster powder that you dilute with water. Then pour the plaster mixture into the holes of the substance and wait for 2 hours. Then you can take the 3D work of art out of the mould, ready for display or gift!

What you need to make a handprint of your baby
The Happy Hands Holding Hands kit consists of a bucket, alginate powder and plaster powder. Alginate powder is kind to the skin and therefore also suitable for shaping body parts such as a baby's hand. The plaster powder is used to make the imprint of the hands for the final sculpture. Via a QR code, you can watch a clear video with instructions. This makes making a handprint of your baby a piece of cake!

Reusable bucket
After pouring, you can clean the bucket and use it for other purposes. Such as for storing things or a day at the beach.
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