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Travel Table

• Premium travel table for a pleasant travel experience. • Convenient storage compartments. • Easy to take along. • Sturdy table with raised edges. • Durable and stable. • Suitable for cars, trains, airplanes, car seats, buggies and long waits. • Easy to clean. • Can be attached around the hip. • Length: 36,5 cm • width: 39 cm • Height: 21,5 cm
SKU: 5128226
EAN: 5038278014943

Get ready to travel with a new dimension of convenience - the Dooky Travel Table! Gone are the messy car seats and awkward lap activities. We've created the perfect companion to make your travel experience smooth and enjoyable, whether you're travelling by car, train, plane, child seat, buggy or just waiting in a queue. The Dooky Travel Table is not just another table - it is a travel companion that takes your travel experience to the next level. Gone are the frustrations of stuff lying around. With smart storage compartments, everything is within easy reach and neatly organised, allowing you to relax and enjoy the journey. You can carry the Travel Table effortlessly, whether you are on an adventure trip or just on the go. It fits your dynamic lifestyle perfectly. The table is sturdy and has a raised edge to ensure your belongings stay safe even if the journey gets bumpy. Made to last, it provides a stable surface for all kinds of activities. The Travel Table is not only durable, but also easy to clean. No more worries about spills or stains as it is easy to wipe down. Unique and innovative, the Travel Table can even be attached around your hip, giving you ultimate mobility and keeping your hands free. Choose the Dooky Travel Table and travel with confidence and comfort. Transform your travel experience and order your own Dooky Travel Table today - your partner in travel fun.