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Organizer deluxe Romantic Leaves Black

Good news: the well-known Buggy Organizer is now available in a style that can be closed with a zipper. Great for those who want to keep their belongings dry at all times and want to be able to store them safely. Why is the Buggy Organizer Deluxe a good idea? That's because this organizer is both stylish and practical! All the essentials for your child and yourself are quickly at hand: bottles, food, toys, your own keys or telephone: with the various storage compartments you can easily put everything where it belongs. There are three pockets on the inside and one on the outside. Two compartments are made to keep drinking bottles upright. A difference with the regular Organizer is that this bag also keeps drinks cool, nice for summer! In addition, there is a special zipper pocket for wipes for quick access. The bag is lightweight, water-resistant and easy to clean with a damp cloth. With the two adjustable straps with a click system, you can attach the Organizer to the push bar of your pram or buggy. A must-have for every mom or dad who likes to be organized when going on tour. •
SKU: 5128206
EAN: 5038278011690

Let us introduce: the Buggy Organizer Deluxe! This bag takes organizing your trip to the next level. From now on you have the most convenient bag ever with you! With no less than four storage compartments, two with a zipper and one for wipes, you will now have the baby things you need within reach. You can zip the bag so that your things stay dry because the bag is water-repellent. Choose this lightweight design bag and go for a stylish and modern look! Extra handy: drinking bottles remain upright in the bag and are kept cool. You can easily clean the bag with a damp cloth after use, so you are ready for the next trip! From now on you will no longer doubt whether you want to leave the house because with the help of the Buggy Organizer Deluxe you are ready to leave in a second.

• Organizer, can be closed with a zipper
• Keeps drinks cool
• To attach to pushbar of pram/buggy
• Securing with strap clips
• 4 handy pockets, 2 with zipper, 1 for wet wipes
• 31 x 15 x 21 cm. (9,7 liters)
• Stylish and contemporary
• Lightweight
• Water resistant
• Easy to clean
• Polyester
• BSCI-compliant (e.g. social responsibility, fair trade, no child labor, eco-friendly)