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Safety Wristband

• Connects parent and child with a flexible band. • Keep your child close to you safely. • Secured with Velcro. • Provides additional safety during travel. • Flexible freedom of movement. • Ideal for busy public places. • Range of 2.5 meters.
SKU: 5628301
EAN: 5038278015001

The Safety Wristband is the solution to keeping children safe and close, without compromising freedom of movement. We understand that keeping your child safe in crowded environments is a top priority, which is why we designed the Safety Wristband to give you peace of mind and keep your child safe while you explore the world together. The Safety Wristband creates a strong connection between parent and child. This flexible band keeps your child safely close to you, while you still enjoy the freedom to move and explore. The Velcro strap ensures a secure attachment that is easy to use while feeling comfortable. Whether you are visiting busy public places, shopping, or just taking a walk together, the Safety Wristband provides the peace of mind you need. You can always keep your child within arm's reach while you have adventures together. The Safety Wristband offers a range of 2.5 metres, giving your child plenty of room to explore while you remain in control. It is the perfect balance between safety and independence, and it gives parents and children the freedom to enjoy any situation together. Choose Dooky's Safety Wristband and enjoy shared adventures with the peace of mind that your child is safe. Visit crowded places and explore the world with confidence.