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Stroller Net Bag

• Ample storage space due to stretchability • Suitable for any stroller and prams • Easy to attach • Keeps your stroller organised • Convenient and easy access to essentials during outings • Length: 40 cm • Width: 39 cm
SKU: 5728131
EAN: 5038278015247

Say goodbye to messy prams. The Stroller Net Bag is a smart and stylish solution to keep your pram or buggy neat and tidy. The Stroller Net Bag offers considerable storage space thanks to its unique stretch material. Whether you want to carry nappies, snacks, bottles or your own stuff, this net adapts to your needs and keeps everything neatly organised. Whether you have a classic pram with a timeless design or a contemporary buggy with modern elements, the Stroller Net Bag has been carefully designed to integrate seamlessly with any style. With its universal fit, you are guaranteed the benefits of an organised pram, regardless of the specific brand or model you use. With a few simple steps, you can securely attach the net to your pram, so you can immediately enjoy a tidy and organised ride. With the Stroller Net Bag, you will always have access to your essentials during your outings. No more searching for things in overflowing bags. Everything you need is at your fingertips, ready to make your trip with your little one as smooth as possible.