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Traveller Romantic Leaves Black

New coming 2023!
SKU: 5628272
EAN: 5038278011638

The Dooky Traveller is a super lightweight and foldable mattress that's easy to fold, allowing the baby to lay down or sleep comfortably everywhere. Travelling and the little one is tired? Spending a day at the beach and it is time for a nap? With the Traveller no more sand or dirt while lying down. When having a long car ride, it offers a comfortable place to lay down during your break.
Going to a picknick or coffee break with the baby carrier, then the Dooky Traveller is a useful adding to your trip.
The foldable mattress can be used until the baby can sit independently.
The mattress can be carried by anyone because it is lightweight and small, 41 x 26 cm. Has handy carrying straps and storage pockets on the outside. Easy to store under the pram or even in the door of the car. Folded out the baby can sleep at the mattress of 41 x 75 cm.. The mattress is 1 cm. foam, is super easy to clean with a damp cloth.

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Perfectly matching the other handy Dooky items such as Diaper bags, Travel chair and handy on-your-way items
• Lightweight (1,2 kgs)
• Compact
• Dimensions folded: 41 x 26 cm (16x10-inches)
• Dimensions folded out: 41 x 75 cm (16x29-inches)
• Foam mattress 1 cm. (0.4-inch) thick
• Age approx. 0-6 months (till baby can sit independently)
• Easy to clean
• Polyester
• BSCI-compliant (e.g. social responsibility, fair trade, no child labor, eco-friendly)
• Vegan (no animal substances were used)
• Design patent pending